UrCaddy is set to launch in November

UrCaddy is set to launch in November when you will be given a chance to experience golf’s No1 practice website. After great results with PGA players, UrCaddy is now set to change the way amateurs practice and play.

In Dion Kipping’s first public address about UrCaddy at the Australian Final of ABI Junior Championship last week, attendees were blow away by the revolutionary website and iPhone App.

The players were then informed that they were to be the first users of the program in the world, all receiving a Free Locker and iPhone App. All they had to do was to take a stats card, fill it in after their two rounds during the Australian Final and a locker would be set up for them.

Every stats card was taken!...

After the speech, Dion ask if any of the guests had questions and was excited to then spend 45 minutes answering and explaining UrCaddy’s unique site in more detail and what users can expect.

We at UrCaddy are very excited to show everyone how improving your game can be fun and rewarding and look forward to launching very soon.

Published on 1st of November 2011 in Weekly Updates