Thx for the report!!

Mate it's so awesome to see analysis like that in detail and so good to make a plan on how to get better!!
Love it!!!

Thanks mate!!


I feel like I've had more than just a lesson when I've been to Dion. He simplifies it.
By Edward Beale (World recognized hairstylest and famed product line)

Dion is a fantastic coach and I love him dearly. (too much)
- By Jimeoin (Internationally acclaimed comedian)

Hey Dion,
Had amazing results on Saturday with my long game.
So good that I had an albatross on one of the par 5's. I putted crap though I scored an 85 with around 42 putts.
It was great to enjoy my golf again - Its been a long time since I have!
John - From Melbourne

Hey Dion
Just thought I'd give you an update. After about the first 5 holes I got into the new swing with the driver and started to hit long and straight.
Thanks for your help. See you soon for another tweak


Hi Dion,
Thanks for the email, it covered all the stuff you showed me. Fantastic!
I really enjoyed the time on Monday. Over the years I have listened to and watched a number of sports coaches and business trainers.
Your message was excellent, it was brief, concise logical and very clear.
Thanks and well done.

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