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Corporate Package

Become innovative for your next golf day and instead of providing show bags full of balls golfers will never use or a hat they will not wear, give all your guests a UrCaddy locker and have it branded with your company logo!

Every player that plays in your golf day will be set up with a UrCaddy account and every time they log a new round or look at their swings, your logo will be there remining them of the great day they had and more importantly advertising your company!

Your guests will not only love golf leading game improvement program which gives their game a home but will also be extremely impressed when your logo shows up on the site.

You will have a far greater chance of ensuring your clients stay continue to interact with your company if every time they view their entire game history, swing notes and game tips, you pop up reminding them to stay in touch!

$360 for a 30 client lockers ($898.5 value)

$550 for a 50 client lockers ($1497.5 value)

$1000 for a 100 client lockers ($2995 value)

$1350 for a 150 client lockers ($4492.5 value)

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