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When the concept for this website/App started, the whole idea was to finally provide everyone with a home to keep everything about their game and also to help all golfers improve by providing the tools to train properly.
From my experience, the only difference between the elite players I caddied for and the average golfer at your home club, was the knowledge of knowing how to train to improve. Once this knowledge is gained, any golfer of any level can move forward with their improvement and enjoy the game even more.

This is the real driver for the UrCaddy program - to help anyone who wants to become better than they currently are, with the knowledge of how to do so and its this that I'm most excited about.

I hope you enjoy UrCaddy's many benefits, but more than anything, I hope this ends up helping you enjoy your weekend round with friends even more!

Published on 26th of September 2012 by Dion Kipping

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Weekly Updates

iPhone Cases now available

UrCaddy's amazing iPhone putting case training aid is now available! The case which fits all iPhone 4G/4S phones is simply removed and inserted into the putting green to double as an amazing alignment aid! To purchase - go to ebay! (UrCaddy iPhone case golf training aid) Read more >>


Tiger Woods 2000 vs now

In 2000 to 2001 Tiger Woods won 4 majors in a row starting with the U.S Open and finishing with the Masters in 2001, the record is known as the "Tiger Slam". We compare then and now using the UrCaddy algorithm. Read more >>

"HOUSE OF GOLF" now stocking UrCaddy products!

UrCaddy is proud to announce HOUSE OF GOLF stores around Australia will be apart of the UrCaddy world, stocking "iPhone Cases" and "Locker Gift Cards" making a trip to their stores a must for Xmas gifts! UrCaddy is excited about the opportunity to align ourselves with the market leading team and House Of Golf Marketing Director Phil Wall is too buoyant about the decision - “URCaddy provides a massive opportunity for golfers of all ability levels to Read more >>

The Perfect Golf Swing

The search for the prefect golf swing is the something that every player who has ever picked up a club has thought about. What is the secret? Well from my experience there is no such thing. Not even the great Ben Hogan thought his own swing was flawless. He continually voiced his opinion that some of his peers swung it better than he, however what Ben was able to do was find HIS secret not the secret. The good news is, this is something we can all achieve! Read more >>