Why take your stats after a round

When I started this website, the goal was to make things simpler for people to improve their golf game so, keeping this in mind, its recommended that you take your stats after you play, not as you play.

Although this site has some fantastic technology and revolutionary programs, it has been designed for use during training and or practice, not during your round of golf. There are some major reasons for this but none are bigger than the fact that when you stand on the first tee to play a round of golf, your mind should be on the first tee ball and that’s it. Make sure you give yourself every opportunity to shoot the lowest score possible by concentrating on the job and hand, not external issues.

So many times I have seen people have golf lessons and leave with great information but head straight to the golf course without having a single practice session to test the suggested remedy. This gives your body absolutely no chance of accepting the change and implementing it into your swing.

To make any change in your game break your golf into two areas:

  • Playing the game
  • Practicing the game

Playing the game requires thought around course management and getting down in the fewest shots possible.

Practicing in the game requires thought around your areas of needed improvement, thought around your technique and knowledge around how to combine the two.

This I will help you do and we start by gathering our stats after you play your round to ensure no distractions while you play.

My hope is that UrCaddy will take the guess work out of becoming a better golfer and offer a clear path towards lower scores and more fun.

Published on 1st of November 2011 in Articles