Why I’m passionate about practicing correctly

Golf practice is an area of the game of golf that has been forever a mystery to so many.

What to do and how to do it has left many golfers scratching their heads as they stand on a golf driving range or the practice tee at their home club.

It is this very situation that I found myself in so many times in the early days of my golfing life, hitting a million golf balls hoping I was practicing the right way. The truth is that when I look back, I had no idea what would make me the best that I could be. I simply thought I had to practice longer and harder than everybody. This is not the case.

I used to stand in the golf net beside the clubhouse at my local course hitting golf balls for 14 hours straight some days. From 7am to 9pm, dawn till the flood lights came on in the car park. On some days I would set goals of trying to break 4 golf balls in half before I could leave the club to head home.

The golf club committee even placed a sign in the hitting bays because of me that read, "These hitting bays are for warm up only - NO PROLONGED PRACTICE ALLOWED." Yeah it was fair to say that I had no clue that I was actually making myself worse by practicing in such long stints.

I think it’s this reason that makes me so passionate about helping golfers play better golf. I can give them the knowledge they need from my years of experience caddying on tour training the most elite players in the world and I can help them make sure they avoid some of the mistakes that trap so many people.

Published on 1st of November 2011 in Articles