Tiger Woods 2000 vs now

In 2000 to 2001 Tiger Woods won 4 majors in a row starting with the U.S Open and finishing with the Masters in 2001, the record is known as the "Tiger Slam", as although he won 4 majors in a row they were not all in the same season. It's debatable whether any player has ever had a more impressive stretch of golf in the history of the game.

Using the UrCaddy algorithm we compare then and now. His 2000 statistics are labelled "my target" which we compare against his results in 2013. Tiger is down on every stat but his game is still mightily impressive. Our predictor has him averaging an incredible 65.75 per round based on his 2000 stats, the guy was a machine.

Although Tiger's results over the past 4 years have not included a major win, he has had 9 top 10 performances which speaks for his consistency despite not winning.

Published on 30th of July 2013 in Articles