The Perfect Golf Swing

The search for the prefect golf swing is the something that every player who has ever picked up a club has thought about. What is the secret?

Well from my experience there is no such thing. Not even the great Ben Hogan thought his own swing was flawless. He continually voiced his opinion that some of his peers swung it better than he, however what Ben was able to do was find HIS secret not the secret. The good news is, this is something we can all achieve!

I've watched so many players over the years try so many different things everytime they set up to hit a shot. What this does is continually change the bar in your own swing and never quite gives you the chance to own your golf swing becasue it's forever changing.

The way everyone can see a better result in their golf shots is to simply start concentrating on ball flight a little more rather than focusing on your swing faults. This is exactly how Ben Hogan found HIS secret. He got out of bed up on that famous morning and said to his wife that he couldn't sleep because he may have figured it out. "What have you figured out" she replied. "How to stop hitting the ball left" Hogan said, and right there is the difference between the majority of golfers around the world and Ben. He realised that he didn't have to fix his swing, he had to fix his ball flight and fix it he did. He cupped his wrist a liitle more on the backswing (opening the clubface) and supernated his left wrist through impact preventing the club face turning more hooks!

This is Hogans most famous lesson that we can all learn from (his book 5 fundamentals is pretty awesome too)

Learn more about your ball flight and ask your coach to show you some tools that may help make the severity of these shots a little less.  

If you can start doing this, you will continually build on your swing not dismantle it and as a result you can begin the road toward YOUR SECRET. It will not be one thing, but it may be that you have placed enough pieces of the puzzel in place that when you add 1 more ingredient like Hogan did and you will be on your way.

This is an exciting prospect for all of us!

By Dion Kipping, Published on 7th of October 2012 in Articles