"HOUSE OF GOLF" now stocking UrCaddy products!

UrCaddy is proud to announce HOUSE OF GOLF stores around Australia will be apart of the UrCaddy world, stocking "iPhone Cases" and "Locker Gift Cards" making a trip to their stores a must for Xmas gifts!
UrCaddy is excited about the opportunity to align ourselves with the market leading team and House Of Golf Marketing Director Phil Wall is too buoyant about the decision - “URCaddy provides a massive opportunity for golfers of all ability levels to track their success and identify areas for improvement – we’re excited by the program as it fits beautifully with The House of Golf’s strategy to encourage participation through the “get out and play” campaign".
“Even better that it has been designed and developed by a couple of young Australians having a good crack at improving the playing ability of golfers everywhere”.

UrCaddy's hope is that H.O.G.'s tag line of "get out and play" will resinate with golfers all over, because we think golf is the best game in the world and we are thrilled to be apart of team that's helping grow our great!

For all your golfing needs to "get out and play" visit http://www.houseofgolf.com.au/ to find the closest store near you!

Published on 2nd of November 2012 in Articles