The four areas of golf training

There are four basic areas of golf training that we can concentrate on to see improvement. They are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Technical
  • Strategic

Physical is all about keeping healthy and strong to prevent injury and to ensure we can play this great game every day. I will have a Physical section to help in this area soon.

Mental is an area of the game that has received a lot more attention over the last 15 and rightly so. Improvement in this area will reap rewards. Look in my site partners for help in this area.

Technical is something we all need to work on with our coaches and UrCaddy allows your coaches to interact with your stats and make notes in your training programs

Strategic is my area of expertise and is the reason this site has been designed. The aim of this site is to get the most out of your golf game by ensuring you know what to practice and how to practice it.

When I was caddying on tour, nothing was left to chance in regard to making sure we had taken every piece of information available to us to help our golf ball finishing closer to the target and ultimately shoot lower scores. So many elements effect the distance the golf ball traveleds.

To give you an idea of how specific I had to be when I caddied for players, I had to;

  1. Measure the humidity
  2. Check the elevation on different sections of the course using a sea level gauge
  3. Note the daily predicted wind direction
  4. Note the weather changes if there were to be any
  5. Check the temperature before we teed off
  6. Ensure the clubs were not keep in a cold place overnight
  7. Ensure the golf balls were keep at room temperature before we teed off

The above is obviously very specific stuff and not something all of us need to worry about but I mention it because you can see the attention to detail elite players on the pga tour take to ensure they shoot the lowest score they possibly can.

Throughout my posts, I will endeavor to help anyone who reads these articles understand more and more the importance to strategy and I hope to give everyone some fantastic tools to take away to their golf course and ultimately improve their game.

Published on 1st of November 2011 in Articles